Primary school of Ján Palárik Majcichov

Primary school of Ján Palárik is a modern school and was founded in 1964. The school has 13 classes, 4 school clubs, 215 pupils, 27 teaching staff (15 teachers, 4 educators, a school psychologist, a special education teacher and assistants). In addition to languages ​​and sports, it also focuses on informatization and education through digital technologies in order to support the transformation of schools for the 21st century.

In each subject, we deal with environmental education as part of a crosscurricular topic. In the school grounds there is a small forest park, a garden and a partially built classroom in nature, which also serves to educate children about the environment. In the topic of ​​the environment, we cooperate with reporters in the search for environmental problems (international program Young Reporters for the Environment – YRE). We managed to remove two landfills of municipal waste. We also cooperate with the non-profit organization Center for Environmental Activities in Trenčín and with the non-profit organization Center for Ethical and Environmental Education Živica.

Our projects:

Let’s give health – from the garden, nature and the region, then Energy in context, E-waste – impact, Eco Alarm, project Object(ive) 21 or Young reporters for civil society, project From the field to the plate, Secret of water and the Panasonic Kids project, which we presented in the Japanese city of Kyoto together with thirty-three countries of the world.

We organize:

Community action days under the name Less waste – Campaign for less waste, Eat responsibly, E-waste, Food Change, next paper collection, planting trees and bushes, preparing healthy meals and farm excursions.

We participate in:

National and world competitions – twice we became absolute winners in the journalistic article Change is Coming: Reusable Food Boxes and Atrazine in drinking water: Slovakia’s greatest treasure in danger, we were in the European SciChallenge competition, at the all-Slovak Environmental Education conference, and we participate in workshops of the Green School.

7th Elementary School in Plzeň

The school is located in the center of the Vinice estate and has barrier-free access. Since the 2008/2009, the school has established both levels of education. As the only school in this location, it fulfills the role of a cultural, social and educational center. There is a forest in the vicinity of the school, which, thanks to its strategic location, offers opportunities for teaching natural science subjects. The school’s outdoor facilities also include a large garden with trees, a zone with benches for outdoor teaching and a modern artificial lawn, which is available for sports and leisure activities for students and the public.

The capacity of the school is 750 pupils, their current number is 525, the capacity of the kindergarten is 104 children.

We teach in 28 classrooms, laboratories and specialist classrooms are used for teaching specialised subjects: physics, chemistry, informatics, workshop practice and music education. Their equipment corresponds to the specialization and aims to develop the practical skills of the pupils.

Raabe Bulgaria

RAABE Bulgaria, founded in 1996, has been one of the most dynamically developing publishing houses on the Bulgarian market for the past 25 years. It specializes in publishing professional and methodical literature for the field of education and at the same time offers a wide range of more than 40 informative products – manuals with exchangeable pages, individual editions, thematic series, CDs and online editions.

Together with Raabe Slovakia, it is also a subsidiary of the German holding company Klett Lernen und Information GmbH, which is part of the largest publishing group Klett – one of the largest suppliers of educational services and resources in Europe with more than 80 companies located in 17 European countries. RAABE Bulgaria has a team of 20 highly qualified professionals in various fields such as research specialists, authors, editors, event organizers and managers, IT specialists, online marketing specialists. It maintains reliable contacts with more than 70% of all schools throughout the country, as well as with all regional structures of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The main activities and achievements of our team are informative products and training programs that include more than 200 topics for teachers and more than 50 topics for school principals and school management teams; more than 5,000 successfully conducted training seminars for schools; more than 50,000 trained teachers in various topics focused on specific further development needs.

We provide practical advice and consultancy to companies. The company is certified according to ISO EN ISO 9001:2008 management system standards.

Our projects Erasmus+ :

  • in 2018, we successfully completed the Strategic Partnership Project in the field of VET with a focus on the engineering, metalworking and metallurgy sector (3MVET)
  • in 2017, we participated as a partner in the KA project for higher education DYNAMIC in the Innovation & Smart Specialization sectors. We have completed a contract awarded by the BG Ministry of Education, for developing, testing and integrating a student career guidance program
  • we are currently the coordinator of the project “Transformation of vocational education and training in construction – innovative materials for buildings and energy efficiency(BEE-VET)

68 th Secondary school of Acad. Nikolay Obreškov

The school was founded in 1987 with of 2135 students. It bears the name of the eminent Bulgarian mathematician Academician Nikola Obreshkov. Since 1990s, the school has been working on its own unique curriculum for a six-year education after Year 7, combining one year of intensive English language study and specialised training in mathematics, biology and chemistry. The school has been cooperating with the Japanese Embassy, Japanese teachers teach computer science and information technology in English. Graduates of the school are successful in the most prestigious universities in the country and abroad. In 2006 it introduced a preparatory preschool group. The school has an extended study of fine arts. The curriculum covers architecture; engineering; fine and plastic arts; print and online publications, websites; advertising – creating videos, brochures, banners; designing company logos, labels, packaging; fashion and design; automotive.

In the field of sports, the school offers sections and clubs for tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, mass sports with specialised therapeutic gymnastics classes.


Today the school has two computer labs with permanent internet access, a wi-fi network with high-speed internet, multimedia in all classrooms, a physics, chemistry and biology lab, an art room with a ceramics studio, a religion room with murals and stained glass windows, a swimming pool, two gyms, an extensive library, a speech therapy room, a spacious auditorium, a student cafeteria, and several sports fields in the courtyard. Starting in 2019, they are accepting students for the 8th grade in the “Software and Hardware” class with extended English language study. They use Cambridge University Press teaching systems and information technology in English language teaching. At the lower secondary level there is extended teaching focused on mathematics, a second foreign language and art.

  • 70% of our teachers hold Level I, II and III qualifications. Some of them have authored textbooks, teaching aids and participated in curriculum development teams. Pupils participate in projects, exhibitions, competitions and Olympiads under the guidance of teachers.

– 68. Secondary school “Akademik Nikola Obreshkov” has been a member of the “Association of Cambridge Schools in Bulgaria” since 2018 and has already received a certificate for “the most active school in 2018 among the new member schools”.


– 2001-2003 – “Integration of the Roma population” within the framework of the programme “Lighthouse”;

– 2001-2002 – “School patrols” for road safety;

– 2002-2003 – “Ladder” of the “Mantle of the Virgin Mary” Foundation;

– 2004-2006 – international project “Journey to the 21st century through fairy tales and legends” with partner schools from Poland, Cyprus and Lithuania. For this project the school received the “Certificate for the best project implementation within the Socrates programme” from the Centre for Human Resource Development.

– 2008-2009 –  project “With friends we create”, with partner school – 2. Primary School “Gotse Delchev”

– 2002-2012 “The work of Patriarch Evtimiy” – Foundation of the Holy Bulgarian Patriarch Evtimiy

– Project “Success”

– 2018 – Sofia Municipality Project “Construction of an interactive playground on road safety”

– 2018 – “Enterprising Teachers” – Sofia Municipality pilot project

– 2017-2019 – “Children’s Police Academy”

– 2017-2019 – “The key to a school without fear” project of the Animus Association Foundation. The project is co-financed by the OAK Foundation, Switzerland.

– 2019 – “Fostering Success” project, funded by the OP “Science and Education for Smart Growth”.


EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Expol”) is a professional publishing house operating in the field of education and training. It is part of the Klett Group, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The Klett Group is one of the leading companies focused on education in Europe.

Expol was founded in February 1997 as a textbook publisher. It has been one of the largest publishers of textbooks in the Slovak Republic for 25 years. In its portfolio, it has more than 2250 titles, textbooks and workbooks with the approval clause of the Ministry of Education intended for primary schools, schools for children with special needs, secondary vocational schools and high schools.

Through state investments in public schools, Expol currently has 11% of the market of basic schools, 94% of the market of schools with children with special needs, 58% of the market of secondary schools and 28% of the market of vocational secondary schools.

Expol also prepares supporting educational materials – a methodology for teachers for individual textbooks. Since 2017, Expol has been organizing educational seminars for teachers focusing on working with individual textbooks and supporting materials. During the COVID pandemic, Expol started preparing webinars, podcasts and online training programs for teachers, which became new products in our service portfolio.

Every year, Expol implements annual contracts with the Ministry of Education and annually sends out an average of 172,000 textbooks for individual schools.

Currently, it has 6 full-time employees, a wide base of external collaborators, experts in the field of upbringing and education. External collaborators are mostly experts on specific topics with many years of experience and are known and accepted in this field.

Expol has experience with Erasmus + projects as both coordinator and partner:

  • the STARS project (Successfully Teaching Astronomy in Schools) 2017 – 2020, which was aimed at supporting astronomy teachers in lower secondary education through innovative materials. The project resulted in a Methodical Guide for Teachers, a Training Program for Teachers, an Online Platform and a Concept of Astronomical Education Program.
  • the LIRE (Language Interpretation through REading) 2020-2022 project, which provided practical examples of lesson plans, tips and activities for working with simplified versions of graded readers in English.
  • BEEVET 2019 project – interactive training materials on green, sustainable and energy-efficient construction for students of upper secondary education

Slovak Obesitological Association (SOA)

The Slovak Obesitological Association (SOA) has been a civil association since 2019. Its main task is to educate the public and experts in the field of health and nutrition, and to gather doctors and health professionals dealing with obesity management and research. SOA presents, publishes and promotes initiatives and opinions on education in the field of obesitology, on scientific and ethical issues in the field of obesitology, on top diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific procedures. It informs its members about the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, cooperates with scientific and medical organizations in Slovakia and abroad, supports mutual cooperation and the exchange of experts.

We organized:

  • Second SOA Congress and 18th Slovak Obesity Days (10/2020) with international participation
  • World Obesity Days (03/2021), which included the Slovak Obesity Days online activity.
  • Lectures at professional congresses Diabetes EDUC, Internal medicine congress, Congress days of practical obesitology and metabolic syndrome, DIA congress
  • Pro Nutri Score Alliance – new colorful 5-level nutritional labeling on food packaging
  • Development of an official document for the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic entitled: “Standard diagnostic and therapeutic procedure for the complex treatment of overweight/obesity in adulthood” (2021)

Our Projects:

  • Educating school-age children to a healthy lifestyle/Prevention of obesity “Game-full of healthy living”
  • Support for consumption of freshwater fish in children – Project “Eating fish is not a mistake!”
  • International project “Fruits and vegetables – vitamins in SMART form” with research studies and the participation of 5 countries
  • Live positively” project

Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň (ZČU)

ZČU has a significant position in the field of higher education in the Czech Republic and in the whole Europe. Almost 14,000 students can choose from full-time and combined bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. ZČU also provides a wide range of lifelong learning programs.

Our goals are:

  • to implement study programs that respond to the changing demands of society
  • to develop lifelong learning
  • to support scientific, technical and humanitarian oriented innovations applicable in everyday life
  • to plan and implement a mutually beneficial and creative partnership with the public as well as the private sector at the regional, national, but also European and world level
  • to prepare young people for careers that bring success and satisfaction, to serve the region and society and to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities

The Faculty of Education has 160 employees and 2,500 students in all study programs. Basic and applied research activities directly related to innovation and knowledge transfer are supported at the faculty. One of the key departments is the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Educational Technology. It primarily focuses on the education of future teachers in the field of Technological Education for elementary schools. It deals with areas such as Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics and their history, Application of constructive geometry, Materials and technologies, Ecology, Technical practice, Technological principles and systems, Mechanical engineering, Automation and cybernetics, waste management, educational and information technologies. Employees of the department participate in various projects and cooperate with experts from abroad.

The last solved project carried out at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Education was “Support for the development of digital literacy“.