Project objective

Our efforts will focus on the development of a comprehensive toolkit that will include the four deliverables of the project. Collaboration between universities, primary schools and publishers will not only contribute to high quality outputs, but will also ensure that target groups are provided with resources that are extensively tested and evaluated to ensure maximum applicability, usefulness and potential for further use.


The activities will be implemented in 4 work packages (WP -Work Packages) dedicated to: coordination, communication, monitoring, evaluation, and risk.

During the 34-month existence of the Innovative Steps (Innovative SusTainability Education for Prosperous Schools) project, we will work on the following intellectual outputs:

  • Work package 1 (WP1) – Budget management and control
  • Work package 2 (WP2) – Design, development and use of a program on a sustainability education platform
  • Work package 3 (WP3) – Course design and preparation for teachers and for institutions involved in teacher education
  • Work Package 4 (WP4) – Implementation and campaign to share and promote the project

Other results:

  • 150 students at lower secondary level, 15 teachers and 2,500 key stakeholders (not only during the duration of the project, but also after its end)
  • strengthening of key competencies (personal, social, ability to learn, pedagogical and

and civic competences)

  • professional development, level of awareness, quality and relevance of school education, building sustainability thinking
  • an educational program for teachers, which focuses more on the didactic side
  • strategy on how to train teachers in the implementation of the sustainability education project
  • an open educational resource that will enable the training of teachers and educational institutions to take place online and interactively
  • useful reference materials for trainers and teachers willing to expand their knowledge